Teenagers’ Clothes

A contemporary fashion portrait

DescriptionThe fashion industry is still obsessed with youth. We are used to look at adolescent bodies wearing designer clothes that were put on them by adult stylists and fashion editors. As a portrait photographer, I was interested to know what teens are wearing 2022 when they dress themselves and their thought process behind it. How do they pose and express themselves? What are their favourite pieces and what role does fashion play in their everyday life.

Our portrait takes place in Gießen, Germany. A small student town near Frankfurt. I had lived there for nine years and while I was visiting my friends, I came home very late one summer night to find out that my friend’s son, Milan, was still awake watching JW Anderson’s fashion show. I asked about his friends and if they were also interested in fashion like he was. It did not take long to gather this group of friends together.

After having several flash backs to my own youth in the early 2000s, I noticed how they are way better at styling and putting a look together and they really do know what they are doing.

Published on Safelight Paper 

Year 2022