All I Remember

When my mother divorced my father and my sister could not stop crying and I merely observed.

When my mother separated from my father in 2000 to lead a happier life, I watched a world collapse. With our mother, my sister and I moved to the stud farm of her new partner. Heavily involved in the farm, we commuted between school and our actual home: the house next to the forest, where our father still lives today.

I created a landscape of memories by grouping images around the divorce: e.g. experiences of nature, my relationships with childhood friends. The essay prompts viewers to reflect on the collective and individual nature of memories, questioning our ability to empathise with others' experiences. Ultimately, it explores the connection between memory and identity.

The project is finished and I am currently editing the project for a book that will be published by Verlag Kettler in the future. 

Year 2021-23