Recently happening

In this section, you will find recent happenings or short thoughts I like to share. I like to think of it as a notepad or a little column.

An outtake from my current work “The Hills Were Higher When You Were Young”. The snails have gone to slumber. I have to wait until spring to try again. I am going back to work on this in November. I think I will be conserving rooms now. 

In September, I was so lucky to be part of a group exhibition in Hanover. I teamed up with Hannah Aders, Stephanie Harke, Andrea Seifert, Mercedes Wagner and Nina Weymann to organise a public exhibition in the underground station Markthalle/Landtag. Female led design studio ItYt designed each of our ‘advertising panels’. I decided to only show one single: “Milan im Gras”. Sometimes one image is enough and oh, how I wish I could always print my work this big. Read more about “Milan im Gras” here.

At the end of August, Stephan Gräfe and I visited the constructing site of The Plus by Vestre. Vestre is building the world’s most environmentally friendly furniture factory in Norway. We created an intimate portrait of the 31-year old Design Lead architect Viktoria Millentrup who designed the factory. Viktoria works at Bjarke Ingels Group in Copenhagen and is one of the youngest ever female architects to realise such a groundbreaking project. Our story shows the relationship between her and former CEO of Vestre, Jan Christian Vestre who is now Minister of Trade an Industry in Norway. Their project shows that it is indeed possible to make a green shift profitable without making any compromises when it comes to sustainability. The Plus is not just a green factory, Viktoria Millentrup has completely reinvented the idea of what a factory can be.
That is all I can share for now.